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My vision is to train and teach each Apostolic believer how to win souls and reach the lost. I believe we can literally turn the World upside down if we are trained to truly win souls! We also must stress and focus on retaining the new babies. Discipleship is going to be a key part of keeping the new converts. We must do everything possible to keep every soul that is born again in our churches.

By training and equipping the Saints we will create a more powerful army of soul winners who will reach more and more people in the coming years. One of the things we see missing in our movement is properly trained soul winners. This will be the key to the end time revival to come!


My personal Mission is to be the greatest soul winner to ever walk this earth. I want to reach every soul, I want to spend my life reaching for the lost and doing everything in my power and ability to pull people from the lake of fire.


I cannot bare the thought of one person spending eternity in the pit of hell. I believe we have what it takes to save multitudes of souls. I pray you will catch the burden and join me in storming the gates of hell pulling every soul out of the fire!


May God Bless

Pastor Tim Downs

About Go Win Souls



Thank you for visiting our website! We pray you will find many tools to help you in your goal to reach more souls! You can find effective tools to help you win many souls for the Kingdom of God! There are preaching messages, articles, and videos to help you! If we may suggest a plan to help you, we ask that each person makes a commitment to visit this site once a day for 30 days and spend at least one hour on here, watching or listening to a message on soul winning, and downloading and reading one article on soul winning. Also that you would spend at least 15-30 minutes praying for God to open your eyes to the revelation of soul winning and to give you the greatest burden for souls that you ever had!


Pastor Tim Downs

Birth Date:  December 19, 1965

Marital Status:  Married to Holly Downs

Pastor of the Atlanta Hope Center Church


Ministry Experience


After many years of struggle serving God, Pastor Downs made his way back to the Lord in 2004 making the commitment to God to become the greatest soul winner the World has ever known!


After this commitment and working diligently to reach every soul possible, Pastor Downs became acquainted and married his soul mate, Holly Downs!


Over the next year, God began using this couple to reach hundreds of new souls, using bus ministry, weekly outreach, block parties, Court House ministries, and many other methods!


In 2006 while working in a local church, God opened the door for the Downs family to begin Evangelizing. Pastor Downs had no desires to become part of the five-fold ministry but as God began to open the doors, it was clear he could not possibly deny what God was doing!


After meeting a man who wrote and edited an Apostolic Magazine the man asked permission to write and article about the ministry of Tim Downs. When the article was published the phone began ringing and in just a short time there were offers to have Tim began holding revivals all across America teaching church growth principles, discipleship and Crusade Services!


The Downs family soon realized this was going to be a life-long journey and began to prepare for the full time ministry as Evangelist, getting rid of all of their possessions and giving up their roots and home to travel working for the Lord!


For many years the family traveled all across the World holding Crusade services and teaching Church Growth, in most cases completely packing the church with brand new first time guests!


One church they had over 1000 first time guest!


In just a few years through this ministry the Downs were instrumental in seeing over 12,500 souls baptized in the name of Jesus and many receiving the Holy Ghost!


In their unique outreach method, many new converts were made and churches were filled with new growth!


In 2011 The Downs family felt the Lord changing their ministry to that of Pastor. With much prayer and also hearing a stirring message by Pastor Wayne Huntley at the, “Because of the times” conference in January of 2011 the Downs family headed their van towards Atlanta Georgia to plant a brand new church!


Pastor Downs called the Police Department and Mayors Office and inquired as to the most dangerous neighborhood in Atlanta. Once they had this information they rented a home and building for church services and began to work the streets and fields of harvest!


In the first year they baptized over 712 people in the name of Jesus and seen incredible growth for a brand new work!


Today they have reached thousands of souls and Pastor an incredible Growth Driven church in the inner-city of Atlanta Georgia!




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